Paycoinly will be launching 100 online businesses which will be useful for the burning of the PACY coin when it’s launched and also to increase Paycoinly’s general usage.

What is PACY?  PACY is the custom Cryptocurrency for Paycoinly and it will be publicly traded starting from August 2020. PACY is an Equity coin which can also be exchanged for cash on Paycoinly.

Why Burning? The more we burn the more the value of PACY increases. There is a total of 1Billion PACY in supply and 40% will be sold during ICO and Private sales. The more the total coin in circulation is burnt the more the value of one PACY keeps increasing.

Businesses that will be launched for the purpose of PACY coin burning will be NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING (NFPM).

For example, if 20 Businesses are generating $200,000 Revenue Monthly and if they are generating let’s say $75,000 Monthly in excess profits, it means the value of $75,000 will be paid back to the Coin reserve which is indirectly burnt. This also means the sum of $200,000 worth of PACY will be requested Monthly which will increase the value of the coin greatly.

From our critical study, the more PACY is requested for and used the more the value will increase. PACY has been estimated to value among the top 10 coins within 2 Years, see how!

100 NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING businesses to be launched by Paycoinly which would help the coin grow is a pure indication of our dedication towards making Paycoinly a success. Within the next 6 Months from August, we are estimating the sum of over $200M – $1Bn in revenue from these projects. The more the revenue the more the buy request for PACY which will greatly increase the coin value.

Estimation, if Paycoinly from August to December receives a revenue model of between $200M – $1Bn for the first 6 Months, then this is equivalent to the figure of valuing PACY between $15 – $50 increase after the first 6Months.

Our focus before August is that those 100 businesses should be launched for the purpose of Paycoinly’s PACY. And we would be glad to announce the first round which takes just 20 applications.

How It Will Work?

Our team of developers would develop an online business that requires less or no human input which would be Managed by you. We want individuals to manage these businesses so that they can improve on it and also expand them later in the future.

Business owners can decide to add their business as among the list of NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING (NFPM) Paycoinly businesses or we structure a plan to build a new one for you from scratch.

NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING means, the initial motive why those businesses were created is to increase the usage of PACY though little profits would also be made to be able to maintain the daily maintenance of these platforms and also pay workers managing the platform.

What You Stand To Gain

  1. Monthly Profits

As the manager or owner of the business on Paycoinly’s NFPM Businesses, you would have access to profits made from your platform. Paycoinly’s main aim is for PACY global usage.

  • 2. Manage, Control & Expand – As the Manager, you would be able to make critical decisions as related to how the business should improve and grow
  • 3. Access to PACY at a cheaper rate – As a manager, you would be able to buy PACY at a cheaper rate for the expansion and promotion of your project
  • 4. A large community of users – Users would be able to visit a custom Marketplace and choose from these advertised businesses since their offers would be cheaper and also we would encourage them to buy from these businesses so that the value of PACY can be valued higher

Type Of Applications

  1. Managed:  Approved applications would receive the sum of 5,000EUR for the development and the promotion of the project. Funds shall be sent to your Paycoinly wallet. This application type means the project belongs to Paycoinly LLC.  To qualify for this, you must have received or transferred the total sum of 1,000EUR in your Paycoinly account.
  • Dedicated:  You would pay an application fee of 3,000EUR. So instead of receiving a startup bonus you rather pay a fee to own the project and control 100% of its profits. Read the terms below for more information

Important Quick Display Terms:

  1. If you choose the Managed application type, this means the business belongs to Paycoinly while you only Manage the platform. If you want to own the platform then you would need to pay an application fee of 3,000EUR. The fee includes the development of the project by our developers and the initial setup for SEO and other important pre-launch promotional campaigns. The Managed application type means you would hire your developers, set up all Ads and take full control of the project only as a Manager, not the owner.
  2. As a NOT FOR PROFIT MAKING (NFPM) Paycoinly business, you agree that only Paycoinly payments would be the mode of payment
  3. If you own and control the business, you can decide to remove your business from the lists of Paycoinly’s NFPM businesses only after 6 Month of the official launch
  4. If you select the Managed application and your application has been approved, you must show efficient use of the funds sent to you. If dormant within 30days or we notice no sign of project completion we reserve the right to revoke the funds sent at any time.
  5. For control, the domain and hosting will be registered by Paycoinly if the project is Managed. For Dedicated projects users can go ahead to choose this independently
  6. First-round application ends on the 20th of March, 2020
  7. The complete terms and conditions guiding this process would be available in the coming days.
  8. The application type is chosen once and the terms guiding it remains binding until an agreement is made. If you choose the Managed system, you cannot later pay 3,000EUR to own the project.
  9. For Managed businesses, the share of profit is 40% to Paycoinly which will be burnt Monthly and 60% for you the Project Manager which can be used to pay salaries, taxes, expansion and all other running expenses. While for Dedicated businesses, the share of profit is 100% owned by you.

How To Apply

Go to SUPPORT (MARKETING/PARTNERS DEPARTMENT) and send your application (USE HTML MESSAGE BOX). Your application means a complete Pitch and why we should approve your business pitch. You don’t need a Pitch for a Dedicated application.

Support staff shall respond ASAP.