The funding process on Paycoinly is the most secure way to add funds to any online wallet. If you would be adding funds via Debit/Credit card for example; you would be able to choose from several Merchants who offer this and then you just choose the best offer with the best rate.

Your balance on Paycoinly means a lot and it can be used for so many purposes. Below are few things you can do with your balance on Paycoinly

  1. Transfer funds: You can transfer funds to another Paycoinly account just with the user’s email address or the account number. You don’t need to worry about currency conversion fees, just send the funds and the recipient will receive the exact amount you have sent with absolutely no conversion fee.
  2.  Pay Online: With your balance, you can pay anywhere Paycoinly is accepted and payments can be completed in a few minutes also possible in few seconds. Paying online, you don’t need to worry about losing account details to scammers online, juts enter your email or account number at the recipient field and then the second phase is to enter your OTP, which can either be via email or from your Email Authenticator.
  3. Send International Wire Transfers Instantly: As simple as this thing is, it’s actually a very important feature to the Finance world. It’s as simple as sending funds to someone in another Country through a Merchant from that same Country so that funds will arrive in minutes. For example, if you are from the UK, you can easily send funds to someone in Africa or Asia and the funds will arrive in minutes with no fees! There is nothing as important as this!
  4. Make more profits: With your balance, you can also make more by selling it on Paycoinly for those who want to load, this is the Merchant system. Merchants are those who fund their account and then offer funding and withdrawal services for users on Paycoinly. You can directly make more profits without losing a penny. This is the best investment you can find on the internet as it guarantees you profit each time you have some balance.
  5. Best Way To Buy Cryptocurrencies: Sometimes buying Cryptocurrencies with cash can be very difficult especially when you want to pay with your Debit or Credit card or Paypal, then you should be prepared for a whopping 10% – 35% in fees. With Paycoinly, just load your wallet with cash easily from Merchants who accept debitcards or Paypal as a mode of funding, then sell your Paycoinly wallet balance for your preferred Cryptocurrency.
  6. As an Escrow Service: interestingly you can create an Escrow service with Paycoinly. One of the ways you can add funds to your Paycoinly account is with a service, you can actually provide a service and then the project creator releases funds when all conditions are met. With this, you can easily transact with someone who you don’t trust online and both of you can use the Paycoinly Escrow as a service without fees!

The Paycoinly idea which was dreamt of many years ago is already starting to become a reality beginning from the 2nd of March, 2020. A good business idea is not all about following how things are generally done, according to our CEO, but it should solve how things are generally done in the simplest manner.

Paycoinly will be launching with the payment system and later in the year, there would be lots of other subprojects that would be developed to quickly increase the adoption level. Lots of businesses would be launched which would require the usage of the Paycoinly funds Globally, and these projects would also give birth to the initial launch of our Cryptocurrency by August this year 2020.

Either you want to use Paycoinly as a Money transfer service, or as a seller to accept payments globally or as a Merchant who wants to make a daily profit or as a regular user who just wants to pay online securely with no fees. Paycoinly is the actual Solution.