Paycoinly is a unique platform which is built based on many great ideas, another unique feature of paycoinly is the PACY Coin.

Paycoinly has a primary coin called the Paycoinly Coin (PACY). This is what is actually converted into Fiat which is stored on Paycoinly. Every balance on the wallet is backed by cash which makes it possible for users to be able to spend funds thereby eliminating cash volatility.

Users don’t need to worry about how they would get PACY to fund their account on Paycoinly, we are simplifying the whole process for them to store cash and spend cash so that they can fully understand how the whole process works without many technicalities. But indirectly, they are actually storing PACY and spending converted PACY. This is possible with the help of Merchants who are funding and withdrawing for profits. There are two methods towards using Paycoinly and its coin PACY. If you store funds on, then you are storing FIAT. Users who want to store PACY as an investment coin itself can do so by buying the coin itself.

PACY As An Equity Coin

PACY is not a coin meant to be stored by everyone, it’s an Equity Coin stored only by Investors.

Presently there are only 1Billion PACY in circulation which represent 100% Equity share for Paycoinly. If you own 50M that’s 5% Equity and you would earn 5% Monthly from Paycoinly revenues.

Equity as PACY coin can be converted to FIAT on the Paycoinly platform or resold to another investor who want to buy the coin as Equity.

The Paycoinly Coin (PACY) would be sold to interested investors starting from August 3rd to August 14th 2020.