In the world today, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being used widely to solve problems on how money is being moved and to promote anonymity on the web.

PayCoinly Platform has come to promote and increase the adoption of this coins with cash in order to solve all payment problems.

PayCoinly aims at solving a lot of problems that are being faced by financial sectors, these problems seem to be too expensive or almost impossible to solve; some of which are listed below:

a)     Settlement: Most payment merchant relies on the Bank to settle payment done from Credit/Debit cards before they can settle Merchants. So, most times, they can only handle next day settlement while some would need to pay you after a week. So, if a customer pays on your website on Monday, you can only get the funds to your Bank account the following Monday or few days lesser.

b)    Risk: There are higher risks nowadays using electronic money transfer because of account hack or payment with stolen credit/debit cards. So, if you have completed an order even after 3 – 5 Months you are still at the risk of facing charge backs.

c)     Limits: Because of risks, most Banks normally limit the amount of transactions you can initiate in a day and they would also limit the total amount you can send daily. So, in today’s world, there is little or no solution that can enable you pay for an item worth $1M electronically without fear of account block, account limited due to suspicious activity or a complete transaction rejection.

d)    Taxes: Some Countries has increased the taxes you pay when sending funds from one Country to another, some intelligently assign the taxes when you are paying in a gateway which bills in another currency different from the Nation’s primary currency.

e)     International Bank Wire: Even till today no one can still send funds from one Bank to another Bank internationally and it arrives instantly. It’s always between 2 – 7 business days with lots of charges depending on where you are sending the funds from.

f)      Poor Exchange Rate: Have you noticed that the rates aren’t the same if you want to send & receive? Most times when you want to send you pay more too differently from when you want to receive. It could be up to 10% difference in some cases.

The problems listed above are just few from the numerous problems being faced and of which most of these problems are being encountered during the process of transferring funds from one Country to another. The urge and yarn to get these issues solved as soon as possible has brought about the creation of PayCoinly platform.

Join PayCoinly today and experience the fastest, easiest and most secure crytocurrency payment system.