Paycoinly is basically built around Merchants whose main aim is to increase Paycoinly’s global usage. Merchants are those involved in the daily funding and withdrawal of funds for users generally.

The funding and withdrawal process shall be done via an Escrowed system on Paycoinly so that both users and Merchants can be protected against fraud. This would increase confidence in the whole process which would make Paycoinly safer to use.

Merchants can make daily profits from a method which we regard as safe, intelligent and transparent way of making Money online. Here are the few things that backs our claim;

1)     Non Volatility: Unlike many others, the risk of storing their cryptocurrency is high because of the unstable nature of most Cryptocurrencies. On Paycoinly, if you store $5 it remains $5 even after 100 years because it’s backed by cash.

2)     Local Payments: You can decide to receive payment only in local currencies or select only local payment methods to maximize profits. You actually select which payment method is your best choice

3)     Decide Your Price:  You would choose how much you want to exchange from your own local currency. This rate is highly competitive

4)     Security: We pay a critical attention to site security while Merchants pay critical attention to their payment method security. Merchants who would be accepting Paypal as a mode of payment for example should have calculated all risk involved.

5)     Free To Use: Paycoinly is free to use; free to send funds, free to receive & free to withdraw. With this, we are competing with other payment system that charges more than 3% – 10% for one transaction. We want to make it free for all. With this, the demand for funding and withdrawal will increase; there-by increasing Merchant’s activities on Paycoinly

6)     Choose Your Work Time: As long as you have an open trade, anyone can start a funding or withdrawal trade and you would be notified via Email when there is a new request. When you are not available, you can turn off all offers easily.

7)     Select Your Customers: You can reduce risk or limit users who can use your service, limit by currency type or country or Account verification status, e.t.c. This makes it very easy if you want to limit your offer to a fewer group of persons.

Merchant Account Types:

There are lots of opportunities being a Paycoinly Merchant, Registration is FREE. We require no long form and our terms are pretty simple. There are 2 type of registration;

a)     Individual Merchants: Merchants here are individuals whose Merchant title will be their names. Verification here is not mandatory but might be in the future. Individual Merchants have lesser daily transaction limits and they also enjoy most of other privileges enjoyed by other type of Merchant accounts

b)    Company Merchants: Merchants here are verified with Company details. Users would see the Seal “COMPANY VERIFIED”. They have more daily transaction limit compared to the individual Merchants.

s/n Individual Non-Verified Individual Verified Company
1 Daily Limit: 10,000EUR Daily Limit: 50,000EUR Daily Limit: No Limit
2 Daily Max Transactions: 20 Daily Max Transactions: 200 Daily Max Transactions: Unlimited
3 Search Preference: 40% Search Preference: 60% Search Preference: 100%
4 Seal: Not Verified Seal: Verified Seal: Company Verified

Register now as a Merchant at and enjoy whooping loading discount.